About Sarah



About Sarah

Sarah Stronsky utilizes photography and installation to create surreal works depicting our skewed realities. Her works layer contradictory sensations like control and helplessness or beauty and ugliness to confront our complex duality of experience.

Sarah Stronsky received her Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and digital photography from the University of Notre Dame in 2000. After working as a freelance web designer and Visual Display Designer for Saks Fifth Avenue, Sarah returned to school to pursue a master's degree.In 2005, she earned her Master of Arts in Teaching from Maryland Institute College of Art.

Currently she is a practicing artist and elementary school art teacher in Rockville, MD.

Artist's Statement

Although I work in multiple mediums, my art is conceptually tied together by an exploration of identity and how it is formed in relation to our particular society. I examine the idea of identity as described through one's appearance, behavior, and beliefs.

I always begin my work by focusing first on myself, delving into my own personal interests and idiosyncrasies. This acts as an exercise in self-awareness and meaning-making. I then extend my analysis, looking for similar beliefs and behavior patterns in others. My artwork invites viewers to connect with each other, as they realize many of us have similar insecurities, power struggles, and spiritual experiences.